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Maryanne Bold - "Somewhere In Line"

Music video for Maryanne Bold. I've always liked the concept of animated tattoo art, so Henry MacLean (lead singer and star of the video) helped me put together a small crew to take the idea in a playful direction. 

IMG_4042 copy.jpg
IMG_4023 copy.jpg
IMG_4004 copy.jpg

Direction / Edit / VFX / Animation: Anton Thallner
Assistant Edit and VFX: Henry MacLean
DP: Matthew Planer
Assistant Camera: Patrick Naughter
Tattoo Portraits: Austin Deats
Starring :Jimmy Kinslow and Henry MacLean
Special Thanks: Dylan Grossman, Nate Bucsko, Eli Bucsko, Dave DeCaprio, Ozzy Ostby, and Grant Cobb

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