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"Chalk Skate" - Personal Project

I wanted to make a completely in-camera animation with a chalk-drawn skateboard beneath my feet. With my phone camera, a tub of chalk, and some backbreaking work, I traced around 100 unique chalk skateboards to create this stop motion piece. 


I loved that this project got me away from the computer and out into the world. I wanted to tell a story with all of the different ground textures and pieces of sound design. I hope you enjoy!

BTS Timelapses


Using Canon EOS software to overlay and trace the skateboard reference


Kickflip test with cutout stencils

Since it never rains in LA, the chalk art stuck around for a little while. I was happy to get some comments from people who saw the boards in real life and then later found the video.

IMG_3268 copy.JPG
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