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Adobe - "Experience Manager Videos"

Adobe came to Hecho with three scripts and three fun color palettes. AEM is an extremely important tool for marketers, with workflows for managing assets, forms, and advertising metrics. I was tasked with understanding these tools and coming up with visuals to convey case studies of these marketing topics. I co-directed a green screen shoot with Hecho's Bao Tron, and lead a small team of animators in house at Hecho.  

Client: Adobe

Agency: Hecho Studios

Scripts: Adobe

Directors: Anton Thallner & Bao Tron

Concept/Lead Animator: Anton Thallner

Animators: Jae Yoon, Emily Eckstein, Tony Carlson, Nathan Alicaway, Jeremiah Ferrel

Producers: Jonny Edwards, Chloe Scott, Caroline Anguiano

Agency: Hecho Studios

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